Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Billie Holiday 100 today


I don't know how to thank Billie Holiday
But gratitude is where I begin

She opened everything

Gave all she had, against all odds  
She lead the hard and lonely fight  
And smashed it with gardenias

Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker asked me to write a poem for The Pool about Billie Holiday for her centenary. Billie was born 100 years ago today. Whatever you do today please take some time out to listen to her music, take a moment to thank the great Billie Holiday.

Published today, read my piece in full here: https://www.the-pool.com

Thank you

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

BBC World Service / Click Radio: 'Here's a poem about space'

Here’s a poem about space

Here’s a poem about space 
And the race to live on Mars
A poem about space travel
Sustaining life beyond the stars

Does this poem begin
In a galaxy, far, far away
Or does it start with one giant leap
for mankind, one hot summers day
July nineteen-sixty-nine
Or does it begin with the pyramids
The first architects and astronomers
Measuring space and time.

Do you remember when
Your spaceship was the top bunk bed
Wearing tin foil as your space cloak
And your mum’s colander on your head
Do you remember when the dog was Chewbacca
Your plaits were like Princess Leia
Your light-saber was the broom handle
And space was fiction, far, far away from here

Now humans will be Martians
Imagine that, man will live on Mars
Each night they’ll watch two moons rise
And Earth will be one of the distant stars

Here’s a poem about space
And the race to live on Mars
A poem about space travel
Sustaining life beyond the stars

I’m listening to Gustav Holst 'The Planets'
Picturing swirling clouds of red and iron ore
Violent dust storms on the rusty planet
And Mars the Roman God of War
The namesake of the month of March
Son of Jupiter, father of Rome.
How can they live in harmony on Mars
When we don’t live in harmony at home?
How will we supply and maintain
A new human colony in the sky,
When we drain and frack and suck
Planet Earths resources dry?

Science is the human mirror image of nature
And so then is music and books and art
Spending billions to launch a rocket of hope
While we wreck and rip this world apart

Here’s a poem about space
And the race to live on Mars
A poem about space travel
Sustaining life beyond the stars

And now David Bowie’s in my headphones
Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow
I still don't understand that lyric
But I bet the Martians will somehow

Man’s obsession to conquer outer space
Is as long and old as time and tide and rock and sea
From the first moon bathing caveman
To the earliest philosophy

But - 
What if the night sky is a black blanket
And pin-prick moth-holes are the stars
We’re living in a giants fruit bowl on a grape we call Earth
And that tangerine is Mars.

(c) Salena Godden 2015

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Book Club Boutique: London Book Fair After Party

On April 16th 2015: The Book Club Boutique invite you to a vibrant showcase of phenomenal literary talent, the latest new books, new authors and new voices. All served with the finest cocktails in the lush surrounds of the elegant Vout O Reenees private members club in East London. If you are visiting the city for the London Book Fair  and if you're a book lover, please do come and join this party, for the best of the Book Club Boutique's Books, Booze and Boogie-Woogie

This April we're thrilled to be curating live readings from two fresh and exciting, eagerly anticipated new novels, both published this London Book fair week: Paul McVeigh's 'The Good Son' and Xavier Leret's 'The Romeo and Juliet Killers'

We'll also hear new poetry from prize winning poets Lewis Buxton, the reigning champion Young Poet Laureate of London Aisling Fahey and the fabulous Dzifa Benson. Plus new work from notorious Book Club Boutique hosts Salena Godden and Michelle Madsen

There will be a live music from Delirium Tremens, treating us to delicious songs from their latest folk noir release. Plus we'll be drinking and dancing through the night to top tunes from The Book Club Boutique DJ Kevin Richards, and all for just £5 on the door, 7pm 'til late. Click here to join our facebook page for more updates or find us on twitter @bookcboutique 

Other events also coming up this spring...