Thursday, 10 July 2014

Poem: Viva Las Vegas & 'Fishing In The Aftermath' Launch Party!

"Viva Las Vegas"  taken from the new collection 'Fishing In The Aftermath Poems 1994-2014' by Salena Godden published NOW by Burning Eye Books. Order it here or please ask for it in your nearest and dearest bookshops. Thank you! Viva!

The Book Club Boutique returns to launch 'Fishing In The Aftermath' at Sophie Parkin's stylish Vout O Reenee's  VIP drinking club in Whitechapel. You are all invited to raise a glass and enjoy the best Books, Booze and Boogie-Woogie on Wednesday July 16th, from 6.30pm 'til late! Come! Facebook page: HERE


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

'Fishing In The Aftermath' Published July 3rd with Burning Eye

Buzzbuzz! Look! They've arrived!

Introducing you to my new poetry collection... 

'Fishing In The Aftermath - Poetry 1994-2014' By Salena Godden

Published this week, July 3rd with Burning Eye Books

Like a 21st Century female Bukowski, Salena Godden delivers her message straight up with no mixer. Not for the weak-kneed or faint-hearted, Salena is a hurricane of personality and energy, and the full force of the considerable talent that has made her a hit at literary festivals the world over is delivered here in all its frank glory.

'Fishing In The Aftermath – Poems 1994-2014' features over eighty poems and marks twenty years of poetry and performance, the majority of the work included here is previously unpublished in book form.

For two decades Salena Godden has topped the bill at literary events and festivals internationally. She is currently on Radio 4 as a contributor to this weeks BBC documentary of the week 'The History Of The N-Word'  - She also works alongside award-winning radio producer Rebecca Maxted. Their latest music doc 'Try A Little Tenderness – The Lost Legacy of Little Miss Cornshucks' was broadcast throughout May 2014. Catch Salena Godden performing live at Latitude Festival, Port Eliot, The Green Gathering and Festival No.6...

Place your orders today and please do share this link, all tweets and mentions are massively appreciated. Thank you in advance:

Saturday, 21 June 2014

poem / The N-Word


The N-Word

If that word were a man
would that word stand tall?
Would that word be your equal?
Would that word sound grand?
If that word were a woman
would that word be your girlfriend?
Would that word be educated?
Would that word understand?
If that word were your king
would that word be fair?
Would that word have grace?
Would that word rule the land?
If that word were a child
would that word be joyful?
Would that word feel the sting
of the back of your hand?
And if that word were a dog
would that word come to heel?
Would that word eat off your floor
Would that word bite your hand?
And if that word is a river,
is it polluted by you?
And if that word is a clock,
did you stop time too?
And if that word is a cage,
do you have the keys?
And if that word is a forest
can you see the wood for the trees?
That word is the N-Word.
Do you use it with shame?
Do you use that name because
you don’t understand?
You spread ignorance and fear
like a million wet grains of sand.
Every time I hear the word Nigger
That word is a gun
loaded with negativity and history
blood n’ fire n’ truth run.
Sticks and stones may break my bones
but names will always hurt thee,
If that word were a flag
I’d burn it happily,
because we still have slavery
In the 21st Century.
If that word had a soul
I would set her free
If that word had a soul 
I say set him free
If that word had a soul
I say set them free.
And if that word is the word
You’d use to describe me,
I say set me free, set me free,
Set me free.

(c) Salena Godden / 2014

'The N-Word' published in 'Fishing In The Aftermath Poetry 1994-2014'  with Burning Eye this July.  Literary childhood memoir 'Springfield Road' is published in September with Unbound